Wedding Choreography

Plan your perfect first dance!

Whether you are looking for a 'non-dancey' and subtle first dance and just need a confidence boost or if you are looking to nail the dirty dancing lift to impress your guests, I am here to help! I am happy to work within your home or hire a space local to your area to get started. How does it work?

The starting point would be to decide on your first dance song/songs so I am able to gage what kind of dance you would like. Some couples like to have a comfortable and neat looking first dance whilst others like to entertain their guests with something quite comical!

How many sessions would we need?

This would completely depend on length of song and what you are hoping your first dance to look like! Some dances I am able to complete in an hours session with you, whilst others may require some more time and practice, but this would be down to you to decide!

Email or call 07842152684 to discuss rates and what times or dates work best for you and then I will get you booked in!